The Who

Your humble blogger would like to introduce herself.

This is not really my first blog but I still have this question of where should I start introducing myself, maybe I will just try to answer some question that I thought anyone would like to ask.

What was my first blog about? The first blog was a personal one such as this. Not much on specific niche or specific topic. It was mostly about my family, work, and anything I stumble upon online that I feel happy to write about. Wondering where it was located, visit here.

What I love to do? I like to write. I like to gamble on business. I like pets but I don’t have the luxury of time to take care of them–having pets would be on a future plan. I like to listen to songs but not all pop songs, some would be considered old songs.

Where am I? I am in one of the towns of Cavite, Philippines. I came from Bicol province, lived in a while in Manila and now permanently residing in Cavite, Philippines.

Who influenced me in blogging? I would like to credit this blogging to a good old friend and previous officemate named Dea. She was the one introduced me in blogging and how beneficial this hobby was.  Where ever you are, I will be forever thankful to you.

My family.  Rey, Gab and Geoff are my family. These three boys are my life, my inspiration, my alarm clock, they are the sunshine in my pocket, they make me cry, they make me happy, they make me a monster, they make me write this blog. Best of all, I am their queen.  FB_IMG_1495803717224

Know me more, visit my facebook, here

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