How time flies

Have you ever thought that realizing how much your children have grown up? Doesn’t it feel so fulfilling and forgetting all the hardship you have gone through?

A couple of days ago, I realize how much my eldest really wants to have a chess board. Well, he’d been asking for it for several times but I am not buying the thought. Until he was litterally crying for it that I bring him home one. That time, I gave in.

Now, watching Gab and Rey play chess made me more realize that my eldest is starting to grown into a fine your man. Chess is not a game that is very admirable to kids, i didn’t like playing it when i was his age and i don’t have many friends who likes to play it. I find it a boring game and makes me feel sleepy just having the thought of it.

My eldest Gab just turned 8 last month and I still see him as my little big kuya. There are things I see in him that makes me think he’s mind is too young for his age however there are also things I never imagined he would be so good about. For me personally, an eight year old starting to like to play chess is something extraordinary. An eight year old would usually like to slouch in front of a TV or play video games unlimited, which he normally does–playing chess is really a big bonus for me to witness.

This summer vacation was also a good time to train my eight year old to do some household chores such as washing the dishes, frying hotdogs, helping his two-year old brother to pee in the bathroom and even sweeping the floor. As a mom, I am also happy to see my son being responsible with most of the task I have assigned to him— he ensures the door is locked before we go to bed, he turns on and off necessary lights at the ground floor before we go upstairs, and cleans up most of the toys his brother scatters all over the floor when I am busy doing the laundry shop errands.

With all this, I feel assured my son is becoming responsble more than my expectation. Though there are times I exaggerate with the things I am complaining about when I am angry and stressed, the feeling of an assured mother is still with me.

To you my son, I am the most proud for you. Papa and I are so much happy with how much you have grown.

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