How to get a Postal ID 

Congratulations graduates!

Happy are those who have finished college and are ready to hit the world of young urban professionals in business districts. The four or five years of hardship are over. But be ready for more challenges to arrive.

Should you be preparing yourself to apply for work, let me help you with some tips that would make you stand among other applicants. It is always best to have your identifation ready along with all your documents such as birth certificate, diploma, NBI clearance, TIN, Philhealth, police clearance and many others.  But how would you get your very own postal ID? 


1. Duly accomplished application form available at and at nationwide capture-site.

2. Original and photocopy of birth certificate issued by National Statistics Office.

3. Original and photocopy of proof of address — barangay clearance or proof of billing.

As needed: married individual would have to provide NSO copy of marriage contract, while minors below 18 years old need to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Once completed,  submit it to the nearest ID capture station site to have your photo taken as well as your fingerprint. The ID is valid for three years and can be renewed. 

Postal ID would cost Php450 + VAT Php54. Total for Php504. The ID would be delivered to your doorstep. Manila residents are given 15 days for the ID to be delivered,  outside Metro Manila may give it more than 15 days to arrive.

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