Parenting burnt out

Parenting burnt out, anyone? I wonder if there is a single full time mother who never experienced being burnt out taking care of all the kids.  

I have two kids, two boys, a three and an eight. You could only imagine how chaotic it is during day time at home. Not only that I take care of the kids, I do all household chores, and manage the small business I have at home. There are times I feel that I have no time for myself because of the unmanageable obligation. Kids are shouting around, throwing things left and right, fighting each other over small things. It seems that they never see me as an authority at home as to no one listen to me when I tell them to stop.

It is agreeable that parenting should be enjoyable and something that we would miss when the kids grow up. To balance this, there should be an enough amout diversion to combat being burnt out. There should be someone to share the load with. There should be to someone to understand what parents are experiencing and to give advice.

I salute all the mothers who have surpassed this kind of situation. I can imagine someone had had more than I am going through right now and some advice would really be useful. It’s just not  easy a parent.

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