Promoting Local Business

Having your business known within your place is a big factor to generate income. The brand should be remembered by people around you so that you will be the first in mind when need product or service such as yours.

There are several steps you may consider in promoting your business locally.

1. Signages. Putting up signages increases awareness of your potential customers the presence of your business within the locality. Signages can be as pretty as expensive billboard type or it can be as practical as tarpaulin with wooden frame. This can be placed along the road and at the frontage of the business establishment.

2. Leaflet. Giving out leaflet to passerby makes people aware of the existence of the establishment. The leaflet should contain basic and important details of the product/service being offered. It is also an option to make leaflet a discount coupon to make people keep it for the future and avail the discount.

3. TV/ Radio / Newspaper ad. Placing ads through this option gives a great exposure to your business not only locally but nationwide as well. This can be costly but the result can be more than what you are expecting. First step would be to contact the nearest broadcasting company near you.

4. Social Media ads. There is a big difference in promoting the business prior to Internet existence. One of the strongest influencer are social media which almost  everyone is aware of. Personally,  I have been a Facebook ad user and I can attest how grateful am I with the help I get for my business being promoted in Facebook.  

There can be more other option we can explore in promoting our business. As business owners it is best that we choose what is best for our business that wouldn’t hurt the budget.

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