Money Lessons 

The recent incident with BPI made me sad for all those who posted their experience in social media.  However, things have had happened and all we have left are lessons we can pick up on. Let’s see what we get.

1. Putting all your money in one bank only is not a good idea. Shall the same thing happen to one of the bank that holds your money, you still have another bank to run into.

2. Have an effort to have your account in a passbook.  It will give you a solid transaction record of all your activities.

3. If possible, only put the amount of your money for daily need in an ATM account. This gives your access to your banking needs anywhere anytime.  It is best to have another portion of the money in a passbook, it gives you control of yourself from splurge buying and overspending.  Lastly, having a checking account gives you a security for huge purchases. This feature also give you an impression of a more credible individual with the privilege of having a transaction with reputable persons or institution.

Money is an important tool we use in our day to day living.  Taking care of it should be taken seriously to secure our future. Making trips to the bank to do all these at least one day after payday or payday itself should not hurt your schedule.  Remember to do this before your trip to the grocery and department store after payday.

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