On his 3rd year — with the right kind of toy.

Geoff on his 3rd year.

My little boy is not getting any little anymore. Just a few days ago, he turned 3 years old. 

As the clock strikes 12, he was opening his present from Rey. This was very first toy that fits his age,  3 yrs and up.

I am personally guilty of giving gifts right for my children’s age. Both of me and Rey are so much into use of gadgets and using it extends to the kids. My husband plays a lot of mobile games and he share those games with our two boys. I am into social media, blogging and selling online and it would be very unproductive not to have gadgets to do things I do. 

Most of time, I  guilty of firing the kids exposure to gadget back to Rey but soon I would realize too that I also contributed to it. I just hope that there would be a way to turn everything back to basic, but who among us does not have a smart phone?  Who can sacrifice not to own one until the kids are on the right age? These questions are kept, thought about but never been answered.

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