Father’s Day Celebration 

Since Father’s Day is being celebrated around the world now, why don’t we have a little trivia on how and where it was started. Some of you may already have an idea about it but since it’s only celebrated once a year, we may be forgettable on some of its details. 

It’s first celebrated on 19th June 1910 at YMCA in Spokane,  Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd whose father was a civilian war veteran, William Jackson Smart. William was single parent who raised his six children there. 

Father’s Day is being celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the contribution of males in parenting.  This occasion is being celebrated on the 3rd week of June. Therefore dates my vary every year.

This year is a very special Father’s day for my beloved husband who has been a good father to our two young boys. He has been the best buddy of my two sons since the day these boys were born. 

So from the three of us, Happy happy Father’s Day, Mahal. 

May you have all the best. Good health, best discipline, good opportunities to arrive, good timing, good luck, good vives, God’s speed, good guidance.  All these may be a result of your good planning.  All the best for you, Mahal.

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