Ukay Ukay

Are you thinking of having an income generating activity? If you have Ukay Ukay in mind, I would say go for it. I used to have Ukay Ukay business and I know how profitable it is. 

It was first introduced to me by Muslim friend who used to have the same business.  Buying 50 kilo bale for one kind of item, example t-shirt, would range a cost from Php 4000 to about Php 15000 would definitely double your money once everything is sold out. Though there are bale that are less expensive,  the higher priced one have better chance to move out fast because these are the items that looks better and can be priced better. But no matter what, Ukay Ukay are risky business for the reason that no body really knows what is inside the bale you are taking. All bales are categorized on the kinds of clothes and by classes such as class A or B or class 1 or 2. But even with the categorization, there are bales that fail at times. Failed bales are whats risky but there is still a good chance to make up because not all bales are failure.

It is always best to clarify the bales you would like to buy from the seller and get other buyers feedback from the same bale.

Had I not had shortage of people to work for.the Ukay Ukay business, I  would still have it by now. It very important to have trusted people in the business to generate good result and at the same time to monitor the business personally.

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