Do you have dreams that you want to achieve and do you have doubts you may not be able to do it for some reasons. You may find having a dreamboard a helpful way to keep your dream in your mind day to day. Seeing your dreams posted in many places you have your eyes on keeps you focused in achieving your dreams sooner than what you thought. 

I have drawn my own dreamboard two years ago and I know it has helped me kept my dreams in mind. My long term dreams would take years to attain but this dream board has always put me in focus.

It would be helpful if you would have it on where you first look at when you wake up and where you lay your eyes before you sleep, somewhere eyelevel in the living room, you can have it inside the john when you do your morning routine, in a specific place inside your car, have it as your cover photo on your mobile phone or computer desktop.

I have this as my phone screensaver because I always hold my phone due to business need. As I get a text message from my clients I am always reminded of my dream and gets myself focused in attaining them. I always have my children, husband and family as my inspiration with the guidance from up above.

Take this as an advice if you wish to, I am happy to share this secret with you if it would be able to help.

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