Vancalapano’s GCash Account 

Another income generating project I started studying today is taking the benefits of GCash brought to us by Globe Telecoms. I just had mine registered. 

With this application, I can do the following:

1. pay bills 

2. send money to other GCash member

3. sell cellphone loads

So far, I am happy to take advantage of these services because these are all income generating. I still have a lot to learn and research about how GCash can help more.

By the way, if you feel like you wanted to try this application too, be sure to use it purposely because it will charge you P50 dormancy fee if there is no activity on the account for 6 months. 

Income on selling cellphone load is minimal because it will only give rebates ranging from 3% to 5%. Currently, the rebate is at 4% but selling loads today would have a 3-peso additional charge on to of the amount of load you purchase. For example, I sold a Php20,  there will be a rebate of 4% so that is about Php 0.80 and the additional amount of P3 per load. I get a clean Php3.80 for selling a Php20 load. Not bad for me who stays at home and tries to earn.

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