Bubbles Laundry Imus 

This is first time I will post about the home-based business which I started five years ago. The laundry shop I built when I decided to go away from the traditional office job I had.

Having a business of my own has always been on my mine even when I was still studying. My relatives have their own home-based businesses of convenience store and they were able to survive their day to day living. But I do not like the convenience store initially maybe because I am overwhelmed by it. Two of my relatives had it and I used to worked their when I lived with them. 

I do not any special talent, such as cooking, singing, art nor being  internet savvy.  I am confident in doing the laundry, cleaning the house,  and just staying at home. I thought putting up a laundry shop is doing something I am comfortable with, and so I did.

The rest became history. Thinking it was easy was wrong from the very start. There’s no easy way to success. Those I heard saying the business they have was easy to build up makes me think twice. The only good thing about this is that all the hardship, challenges and obstacle you face with becomes your power and gives you wisdom to resolve another issue and go on.

When you are a business owner, it’s not only the business financial capital you want to ptotect, you also want to protect you people because they are also you capital. However,  a business owners obligation does not end to his people yet it extends up to their family. 

This laundry shop had face uncountable challenges,  even I myself almost gave up. But when you thought there was no more hope, you see the sunrays peeking on you saying hold on, don’t give up.

I will keep holding. I will keep dreaming. I will battle any thing to survive. This laundry Shop will go on. I will try other ventures when the time is right for me to start another business, second to this one.

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