My Saving Quote for Today




Savings is more difficult for me compared to studying in school or growing a child. Savings is a lesson we learn from experience, never from school, never from our parents and never from friends. This is what I thought savings is. 

I’ve worked as an employee for more than a decade, I’ve experienced promising job offers and had enjoyed it for many years. But I was no different from someone who lives on a paycheck to paycheck. Savings is not in my vocabulary. Any amount of money I received from my pay are all gone at the evening of my next payout.  I did not learn about savings until I experienced having no money at all, being chased by the bank and when I have nothing to pay my credit cards. I have no value at all.

Today, I’m still trying to learn to save. I am thankful to see and digest  savings quote from the internet. The very first time I started to listen to videos from YouTube about savings was after I gave birth to my 2nd child. It was On the Money on ANC hosted by Edric Mendoza. Another personality I looked after when it comes to teaching on savings is Bo Sanchez.  These two individuals,  though I have not met them personally have thought me many things on savings. The 20/80 Saving Rule is a teaching I have adopted from the videos I watched online. 

Doing the 20/80 Saving Rule have benefited me before on a short term goal I have set as a goal. It saved me a lot on one of the emergency financial issue I used to have.  Just recently, I have also started to save a certain percentage of my sales from the laundry shop. 

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