My Saving Goal… A bit of success

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. 

My Saving Goal was a bit of a success. Guess I am lucky because I was able to claim the I items I pawned since I can’t remember when.  The items pawn contract have been renewed many times already just to prevent it from getting auctioned. 

Though not all was claimed I am still aiming to claim the last one soon enough before it gets auctioned. After one of the items a pawned was not claimed when I overlooked the date on the contract I must have learned my lesson big time. I never wanted any of my pawned items to be forgotten and auctioned. I promised myself to invest more on jewelries as a saving option and to make up for the lost one.

Hopefully,  we will be able to invest too in gold buying soon. I came from the home gold miners from the town of Paracale in Camarines Norte and I want to invest in gold buying if budget and time permits. That is added to my bucket list if businesses I want to invest into.

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