SIM Card Activation

Another way to earn as a member in Planpromatrix is by being an E-load retailer. Activation an existing and personal SIM is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the steps below.

On your dashboard menu, click Products and Services, E-loading and My Retailers option.

step 1

You will be taken to this page and click the blue +Add Retailer button.

step 2.JPG Now you will be asked to enter the 11-digit phone number to be activated.

step 3Hit the blue Register button after ensuring the phone number to be activated is correct.

You should see the newly activated phone number listed under the Retailers list.

step 4.JPG

Congratulations!!! Your sim card is now ready to be loaded with E-load funds.

Need E-load funds? You may contact me, here,  to purchase E-load funds or alternatively, send payment to the main office to purchase load funds directly.




PPM Data Entry Software Download


PPM Data Entry job requires  software to be download on PC or laptop to be used for encoding. Having stable internet connect is required to ensure smooth working experience and to generate a good output.

Having WINRAR and NET.Framework are pre-requite for the Data Entry software to work properly.

Step 1. Download WINRAR. Click the link below and download.

Click here to download WINRAR.

WINRAR picture.JPG

Click SAVE Button for WINRAR.JPG

Step 2. Download NET.Framework.  Click the link below and download.

Click here to download NET.Framework.

NetFramework picture.JPG

SAVENetFrameworkOnce both pre requisite are downloaded, we will continue to download the PPM Data Entry Software.

Step 3. Download PPM Data Entry Software.  Click here to download.  Please note that there are two software to be downloaded.

Data Entry software


Save Agility.JPG

Repeat the same process on the PPM DATA ENTRY file.

Now, visit your download folder and look for the files downloaded.  You may transfer this to another folder for safe keeping.


dowload folder.JPG

To open the system and log in, you have to right click PPM-Data Entry Software and enter your username and password. No need to open the other three files  you downloaded. You just have to have it on the background to ensure Data Entry Software will work properly.



Welcome to PPM, you have downloaded the Data Entry Software successfully.  Please wait for 4 business days for our in-house IT to process your personal software for encoding before you start.

While waiting for it, ensure to review the guidelines in performing the task of encoding. Our office requires 90% accuracy in captcha typing should your account not to be banned.

Best practices, help tips can be found on your PPM dashboard, Planpromatrix Official Page and Group page. Ask you sponsor to have you added on these page and group. You will also find successful stories on these resources to inspire you and lead you to your road to success in PPM. Never forget to tap your sponsor or the one you introduced you this awesome and holistic way of Planpromatrix to change your financial status.



Process for Account Activation


Sign up to the link provided by your sponsor. (If you do not have a sponsor you may sign up here  and contact me for assistance).

This is how the sign up page should look like.  Ensure all the details are  valid and correct.

  • sign up page

After clicking the REGISTER button, you will be taken to the page below.  Kindly ensure that all necessary fields are updated. Your account will not be activated properly  if not all fields are filled out correctly. Hit the green button below that says UPDATE ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

Once you have updated the account information completely, you will be taken to the page where you will be given a payment option. Disregard the payment option because you have already sent your payment to your sponsor.

Instead, look for your name on the upper right side of your screen and click it. You will be taken to a similar page below. Please follow steps 1-3.  Please ask for the CODE you need to use to activate your account from your sponsor.

Cont Acct Activation.JPG

Next is we have to link your dashboard/account to your encoding software.  Look at the menu list on the left side of your dashboard and follow the steps to go to on the next picture. Click the options encircled in red below.

How to link PPM.JPG


Next step would be entering your account password on the password field, see picture below.

PPM Data Entry link.JPG

Enter your password on the field asking for your password and click the green button saying CREATE PPM DATA ENTRY SOFTWARE APPLICATION.

This is the last stage of the account activation on the PPM dashboard. Next step would be software download if member would focus on encoding. If member would focus on eload business, we can follow steps in retailer phone activation for eloading.


Click Here to register.

Click Here for Payment Option.

Want someone to talk about it and ask questions? Click here and message me.

PLANPROMATRIX o PPM ay isang homebased online business na pinapatakbo gamit ang facebook at internet. 100% online kahit nasa bahay ka lang. Sakop nito ang buong mundo, bundok o patag basta may internet connection para sa iyong trabaho at remittance center o banko, para naman sa iyong kita o sweldo. Walang qualifications na hinihingi, mayaman, mahirap, nakapag-aral o hindi, basta may pangarap at gusto kumita ng extra income, welcome ka.

– Ang product and services natin ay Data Entry Job, Eloading Business Dealer at Retailer Account, Unlimited Text to all Networks at Ebooks . Yung Ebooks po ay para na rin makatulong sa ating buhay.  Very useful sa pang araw-araw nating pamumuhay. profesionals,students, parents, and ordinary people are much to benefit from it.
– These are downlodables easy to install on your computers, fast and quick. Portable, durable and safe, Earning with learnings.
– Also you can promote your own business thru ADS Package within the company website. We have some video tutorials if you want to post some ADS. I click mo lang ang sample na nasa PRODUCTS/SERVICES & LEGALITIES.



3.1 Data Entry.
Dito kikita ka sa bawat captcha na magagawa depende sa dami nito at effort mo at sa oras ng pag gawa mo, pag madaling araw mas mahal ang rates compare sa hapon.

-typing of images/captcha

-30wpm typing speed(required)
-computer & intercon(required)
-can read images/captcha accurately
-extra patience(needed)

3.2 E-loading business.

  • Sell electronic load to all network. 4%-25% Profit upon selling our Load Products.
  • Sell Unlimited Retailer Activation. Example: 10 Retailer Activation X P200 = P2000

As Dealer dito kikita ng Commission sa bawat benta mo ng loadwallet sa mga retailer mo at kikita ka ng commission sa sa bawat benta ng downlines mo up to 10 levels deep with dynamic compression
As retailer kikita ka din sa bawat benta mo ng load sa mga consumer depende sa load denomination.

3.3 2×1 Follow Me Matrix.
Kikita ka sa 2×1 Matrix 6.66$ o 300 pesos sa bawat dalawang invite, at kikita ka ng 300 pesos ng paulet-ulet mula sa bawat dalawang cycle ng mga na invites mo.

 3.4 Pass Up Unimited.
Kikita ka ng 1.11$ o 50 pesos sa bawat 2nd, 4rth, 6th, 7th 8th to infinity na direct down lines mo at kikita ka din ng 50 pesos sa mga 1st, 3rd and 5th down lines ng mga Pass up Downlines mo. Bawat cycle ng direct ng pass up downlines mo kikita ka din ng 50 pesos na paulet ulet. (unlimited 50 pesos)


3.5 E-Rebates. 

Earn from your Downline’s Load Consumption (1st – 10th Level)


3.6 Unilevel/Indirect Referral Commission.
Dito naman kikita ka ng 0.11$ o 5 pesos sa bawat downlines mo at invite ng mga downlines mo up to 10 levels deep.

3.7 Profit Sharing.
Dito naman kapag umabot sa 5 Direct Downlines ang ma invite mo sa lood ng isang buwan kasali ka sa profit sharing pool kung saan mag nakalaang amount na pag hahatian ng mga nag qualified dito.

3.8 Binary Direct Downlines Commission.
Dito naman kikita ka ng .66$ o 30 pesos bonus sa bawat direct downlines mo na mag aactivate ng kanilang binary.

3.9  Binary Matching Bonus.
Dito naman kikita tayo ng unlimited 2.11$ o 100 pesos sa bawat mag ma match na binary activated natin left and right.

3.10 Table of Exits Program. Turn your 1,800 to 500,000 plus CAR Downpayment!

  • Table 1 = $66.66 or P3,000 + Free Re-entry to Table 1 +  Free Entry to Table 2
  • Table 2 = $211.11 or P9,500 + Free Re-entry to Table 2 + Free Entry to Table 3
  • Table 3 = $666.66 or P30,000 +Free Re-entry to Table 3 + Free Entry to Table 4
  • Table 4 = $2,222.22 or P100,000 + Free  Re-entry to Table 4 + Free Entry to Table 5
  • Table 5 = $1,111.11 or P500,000 + Free Re-entry to Table 5 + Free Car Down Payment

Separate yung kita sa bawat table!

FOLLOW ME SYSTEM – Tuwing e-exit ang bawat direct referrals mo e susundan ka nila sa kung nasaang table kna. Kaya mas maraming direct referrals mas mabilis at madalas kang mag exit sa bawat table mo.

Kahit wala ka pang naiinvite ay pwede ka parin na mag-exit dahil sa FOLLOW ME SYSTEM. Kaya basta may mga kasama ka sa table na masisipag mag-invite eh mag-eexit at mag-eexit ka pa din.

Kagaya ng 2×1 Matrix my DOMINO EFFECT din ito!
Habang nag-iintay ka sa pag-exit mo sa bawat table mo eh pwede ka kumita sa PPM 1-9 Ways To Earn!

SUMMARY OF INCOME: Yung 600/1800 mo san na nakaabot! Pwede ka dito kahit part time lang kikita ka dito ng UNLI:

1)Unli 300pesos – Cycle Bonus
2)Unli 5pesos – Indirect Referral
3)Unli 50pesos – Pass-up Bonus
4)Unli $ sa DATE ENTRY kung masipag ka mag-type
5)Unli kita sa loading business mo
6)Unli E-Rebates from your groups load consumptions
7)Unli 30pesos – Binary Direct
8)Unli 100pesos – Pairing Bonus
9)Unli Profit Sharing basta makakapag-referka ng 5 Direct Referrals
Unli Table 1 = P3000 + Re Entry + Table 2
Unli Table 2 = P9500 + Re Entry + Table 3
Unli Table 3 = P30000 + Re Entry + Table 4
Unli Table 4 = P100000 + Re Entry + Table 5
Unli Table 5 = P500000 + car down payment.



  • Membership Entry: P600(STARTER). You can earn thru PPM 1-9th Ways To Earn!
  • Membership Entry: P1800(P600 STARTER + P1200 PREMIUM). You can turn your P1800 into P500,000 PLUS CAR DOWNPAYMENT thru PPM 10th Way To Earn: THE TABLE OF EXITS!
  • FLEXIBLE kc pwede k mg-start sa P600(STARTER) kung d pa kaya ng budget dhil mgbenefits k p dn nmn sa PPM 1-9th Ways to Earm. Then UPGRADE kna lang sa P1200(PREMIUM) pag kumita kna.
  • BEST SELLER – kung kaya nmn ay direkta k ng mag entry sa P1800(P600 STARTER + P1200 PREMIUM) para mg-benefits kna den sa PPM: 10th Way to Earn: THE TABLE OF EXIT!

Alam naman po natin naturaly, ang negosyo ay may puhunan. So as a member of the company we give our part.
– Ang 600 or 1800 na ay kabayaran mo para maging member ng PPM , para maavail mu din ang product and services.Para malaman ano ang pinagkaiba ng 600 STARTER ACCOUNT at 1800 PREMIUM ACCOUNT , iclick mo lang ang WAYS TO EARN.

– malalaman mo lahat thru TEXT MSG. Its very important na may valid Cp Number na nilagay mo dahil dun mo mareceive ang msg from the company.

– Nandun lahat sa PPM account mo ang detalye. So click mo lng ung ENCASHMENT REQUEST then enter mo ang bank details mo kung saan mo gustong ipadala ang pera mo, automaticaly the system wil transfer your money. Ikaw na bahala mag withdraw. You will count 24 hours or mas mabilis mo pa pwede makuha ang commissions mo.

a. Computer/laptop/android tab/ipad/mobile android/ iphone
b. Email
c. 600  or 1800 fee
d. Facebook account and iba pang social media account na pwedeng salihan ng libre
e. Bank account Or pwede mo gamitin yung sa mga relatives, friends or family. Pwede din wala kasi pwede mo makuha sa mga Money Remittances.

– registered under DTI sa pinas. Worldwide po ito at lahat ng fb and internet users sa buong mundo ay pasok dito.

– Ang Founder ng PPM ay si Sir Mark George Naval. Actually siya talaga ang Owner ng company. He is from Camarines Sur, Bicol



Planpromatrix Ways of Earning

1.) 2×1 Matrix System – for every 2 person joined under you, you get a commission of $6.66 or Php300.
example 1: (YOU) gets 2 person= 6.66 DOLLARS or 300 PESOS
example 2: (YOU) gets 1 person (A) and A gets 2 person,
A cycled then re-entry, YOU also cycled, another 6.66 DOLLARS or 300 PESOS..
2.) Indirect Referral (1st to 10th Level) – You will earn 0.11 DOLLARS or 5 PESOS every directs and directs of your downlines up to 10th level.
3. Pass3Unli- Every 2, 4, 6, 7 directs onwards and the 1, 3, and 5 directs of your 2, 4, 6, 7 onwards and the 1, 3 and 5 directs of 1, 3 and 5 directs of your 2, 4, 6, 7 onwards, up to infinity, you will earn 1.11 DOLLARS or 50 PESOS each. Except 1, 3 and 5 directs, this will be pass up to your upline. Every pass up that cycled, you will earn 1.11 DOLLARS or 50 PESOS.
4. Binary Direct Referral- Every directs that activate their binary you will earn 0.66 DOLLARS or 30 PESOS each. You should also activate to earn.
5. Binary Pair – Activate your binary and if your downlines activated their binary as well, Left and Right you will automatically earn 2.22 DOLLARS or 100 PESOS every pairing.
6. Profit Sharing – Simply refer 5 directs every month to qualified. The amount will depend on the Profit Sharing Pool and Profit Sharing Qualifiers . Multiple Name / Dummy accounts are not counted.