PPM Data Entry Software Download


PPM Data Entry job requires  software to be download on PC or laptop to be used for encoding. Having stable internet connect is required to ensure smooth working experience and to generate a good output.

Having WINRAR and NET.Framework are pre-requite for the Data Entry software to work properly.

Step 1. Download WINRAR. Click the link below and download.

Click here to download WINRAR.

WINRAR picture.JPG

Click SAVE Button for WINRAR.JPG

Step 2. Download NET.Framework.  Click the link below and download.

Click here to download NET.Framework.

NetFramework picture.JPG

SAVENetFrameworkOnce both pre requisite are downloaded, we will continue to download the PPM Data Entry Software.

Step 3. Download PPM Data Entry Software.  Click here to download.  Please note that there are two software to be downloaded.

Data Entry software


Save Agility.JPG

Repeat the same process on the PPM DATA ENTRY file.

Now, visit your download folder and look for the files downloaded.  You may transfer this to another folder for safe keeping.


dowload folder.JPG

To open the system and log in, you have to right click PPM-Data Entry Software and enter your username and password. No need to open the other three files  you downloaded. You just have to have it on the background to ensure Data Entry Software will work properly.



Welcome to PPM, you have downloaded the Data Entry Software successfully.  Please wait for 4 business days for our in-house IT to process your personal software for encoding before you start.

While waiting for it, ensure to review the guidelines in performing the task of encoding. Our office requires 90% accuracy in captcha typing should your account not to be banned.

Best practices, help tips can be found on your PPM dashboard, Planpromatrix Official Page and Group page. Ask you sponsor to have you added on these page and group. You will also find successful stories on these resources to inspire you and lead you to your road to success in PPM. Never forget to tap your sponsor or the one you introduced you this awesome and holistic way of Planpromatrix to change your financial status.



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