SIM Card Activation

Another way to earn as a member in Planpromatrix is by being an E-load retailer. Activation an existing and personal SIM is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the steps below.

On your dashboard menu, click Products and Services, E-loading and My Retailers option.

step 1

You will be taken to this page and click the blue +Add Retailer button.

step 2.JPG Now you will be asked to enter the 11-digit phone number to be activated.

step 3Hit the blue Register button after ensuring the phone number to be activated is correct.

You should see the newly activated phone number listed under the Retailers list.

step 4.JPG

Congratulations!!! Your sim card is now ready to be loaded with E-load funds.

Need E-load funds? You may contact me, here,  to purchase E-load funds or alternatively, send payment to the main office to purchase load funds directly.




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