Domino Effect Explained

Planpromatrix is a legal networking company that is in full operation and founded by Mark George Naval. Should you be wondering about the legalities of the company, please click here.

I joined the company on 22nd August 2017, in my two months time, I have studied how to earn well in this kind of business. Many claimed that earning in PPM’s domino effect is best experienced when you have multiple accounts. Well, I have proven its true and I am willing to share what I have learned most especially to my group.

After a couple of months, I already have  accounts that are earning and I will use those accounts to give you examples.  Here are my accounts:




To show how domino effect works, you have to know first where you check the matrix of your account. Follow the illustration below to know where you can check this on your platform.

How to find matrixBelow is how the my directs members looks like on my vancalapano3 account.  Note that Ainee0221 shows as an Unpaid Direct. Later on she will activate here account

Ainee0221 prior to activationNow, I will show what the matrix on your account should look like before you will experience the domino effect.  In the next illustration, I will give you screenshots of he matrices on my accounts prior to its domino effect. This is basically how the matrices looks like prior to account activation of Ainee0221 who had signed up on my 3rd account vancalapano3.

Below is the matrix under vancalapano1. Notice that the account name is always on top of the matrix.

v1 Matrix 680353 before sign up

Below is the matrix under vancalapano2.

V2 Matrix 680351 before sign up

Below is the matrix under vancalapano3.

V3 Matrix 687811 before sign up

Things to note:

  • the right side of the matrix is always blank, it means it is waiting for another entry for the matrix to cycle completely.
  • to experience this, your account 2 should be signed up under account 1, account 3 should be signed up under account 2, account 4 should be signed up under account 3, and so on and so forth.

Now we are ready for the activation of Ainee0221 under account 3 which I named vancalapano3. See the change on the picture below.

Ainee0221 activated

Note that Aiee0221 is listed on number 6 of Paid Directs. That means the account is already activated.  This time let us check how matrix on vancalapano3 looks like. Please check as well if the matrix numbers on top are the same to what I am showing below.

V3 Matrix 687811after sign up

The matrix is now complete, AINEE0221 is placed on the right side of the matrix.  Your transaction history will give you a confirmation of this that looks like this.

Matrix 687811.JPG

This time let us visit the matrix on vancalapano2, and vancalapano1

V2 Matrix 680351 after sign up

V1 Matrix 680353 after sign up.JPG Note that all matrices have been completed.  vancalapano2 matrix have been filled by a re-entry of vancalapano3. In addition, vancalapano1 matrix have been filled by a re-entry of vancalapano2.

You might be wondering where the re-entry comes from. You may check this by looking at the transaction history, which looks like the picture below.

Matrix bonus

Above is an illustration of the transaction history when a matrix cycle happens.  Every time a cycle happens, it gives the account a bonus of $17.77, look at the entry with red circle. At the same time, the system generates another entry of the account for another matrix, this time it deducts $11.11 as a payment for the re-entry and its being covered by the bonus the account gets.  An earning of $6.66 is left on the account for the cycle.

The indirect bonus of $0.11 and pass up bonus of $1.11 are different earnings from the cycle bonus of $6.66.

Since a re-entry was created on your account and covered by the bonus, this re-entry completes the cycle on the account on top of it. In this case, a cycle happened on account vancalapano3 where at re-entry was created this re-entry completes the matrix for vancalapano2 and the re-entry created on vancalapano2 completes the matrix for vancalapano1.

Therefore, all these accounts earned $6.66 each, giving you a whopping $19.98 for the 3 accounts that cycled as a result of domino effect.  Now, let me give you a picture of the dashboard on each account that cycled.

V1 Dashboard after sign upV2 Dashboard after activationV3 dashboard after activation

If you noticed that the part that says BONUS EARNED TODAY does not literally show the earning of only $17.77, that is just because a different bonus was earned earlier prior to activation of Ainee0221.

Hope this helps, if you haven’t signed up yet and you want to know more secrets on how to earn more in PPM, sign up with me and I will guide you all the way.  I am always online on my facebook account, click here.











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