Recently, there are a good number of members using their existing SIM cards to become a retailer sim. This article will help each member and retailer on how we can link our retailers number to online app. Having this will allow retailer numbers to load using the app via wifi/data access.

Initially, go to his website to process the linking. CLICK HERE. Or simply type in on your mobile or desktop browser:


You will be taken to the page above. Do not write anything yet on the fields, just click the sentence “I don’t have a password” . You will be taken to the next picture below. This time enter/copy paste your retailer sim that needs to be registered. Click the yellow button saying SEND VERIFICATION CODE.


Wait for your temporary password to be sent to you via text message. The message will look like the image below.


Your next step would be to confirm your temporary password. Follow the illustration below.


Now its time for you to set up your own password.


Now you are ready to use the app, do not forget to start exploring the application on your free time.


If you are using an android phone, simply download the app, PPMeload from your playstore and use it to sell eload if you have data on your mobile phone.

PPM Eload app

If you are not yet a member of Planpromatrix, you may contact me to become a member and experience benefits in getting extra income. Visit me on my facebook and message me. CLICK HERE. If you are already a member, contact the one who guided to this page.


PPM Eload Basics Video Guide

Eload dealership and retailership is one of the promising ways to earn from PPM. Selling eload via dealership and retailership does not hinder one from doing other stuff at all. This can be done on a full time basis yet allowing you do to other things as well.

Why not have a business on the go doing Eload selling.

View this video for more learning.   CLICK HERE