PE Day Friday

Today is last day of the week for school. Gab is on his PE uniform and is excited for his new rubber shoes for PE.

My eldest is not getting any smaller anymore.  The oversized PE uniform I bought his last school year is just about his size today and I fear that we might be getting a new pair in this middle of this school year. He is only on his 3rd grade in primary school but we are about the same height already. 

On his 3rd year — with the right kind of toy.

Geoff on his 3rd year.

My little boy is not getting any little anymore. Just a few days ago, he turned 3 years old. 

As the clock strikes 12, he was opening his present from Rey. This was very first toy that fits his age,  3 yrs and up.

I am personally guilty of giving gifts right for my children’s age. Both of me and Rey are so much into use of gadgets and using it extends to the kids. My husband plays a lot of mobile games and he share those games with our two boys. I am into social media, blogging and selling online and it would be very unproductive not to have gadgets to do things I do. 

Most of time, I  guilty of firing the kids exposure to gadget back to Rey but soon I would realize too that I also contributed to it. I just hope that there would be a way to turn everything back to basic, but who among us does not have a smart phone?  Who can sacrifice not to own one until the kids are on the right age? These questions are kept, thought about but never been answered.

A Special Day

Today is a special day.

Today was the day my beloved grandmother who took care of me since I was four months was born. That was the 7th June 1926. That was some pretty 91 years if she was living–Inay joined our Lord on 20th December 2016.

 I will be forever grateful of you for all the things you have done for me.  Your advice will forever guide me as long as I live 

Parenting burnt out

Parenting burnt out, anyone? I wonder if there is a single full time mother who never experienced being burnt out taking care of all the kids.  

I have two kids, two boys, a three and an eight. You could only imagine how chaotic it is during day time at home. Not only that I take care of the kids, I do all household chores, and manage the small business I have at home. There are times I feel that I have no time for myself because of the unmanageable obligation. Kids are shouting around, throwing things left and right, fighting each other over small things. It seems that they never see me as an authority at home as to no one listen to me when I tell them to stop.

It is agreeable that parenting should be enjoyable and something that we would miss when the kids grow up. To balance this, there should be an enough amout diversion to combat being burnt out. There should be someone to share the load with. There should be to someone to understand what parents are experiencing and to give advice.

I salute all the mothers who have surpassed this kind of situation. I can imagine someone had had more than I am going through right now and some advice would really be useful. It’s just not  easy a parent.

Thank You 

In our day-to-day living,  we have a lot of things to be thankful about.  We should be thankful to many huge and small things we have. 

First things first, I would like to thank the very special person in the family for sponsoring my blog domain.  To the father of my kids, my husband, my sparring partner and my forever fan and avid reader of this blog, thank you with all my heart.

Thanks for the immeasurable support on this challenge.  

Sunday Grocery Time

Does Sunday’s really a rest day? I don’t think so, Sunday is the time when you do a lot of preparation for the coming week and you really do not take a rest when you get to prepare. 

As for me, one of the major errand I need to complete on Sundays are the grocery.  Without completing my groceries for the week would mean more expenses as I need to buy things needed at home from the nearby convenience store– that means more expensive.

Grocery means fun time for the kids. They get to pick their choice of snacks fresh off the grocery racks.

Looks like they’ve enjoys tagging along while I’m doing the errand.