Advertising Activity – Day 2

Day 2.  In this part of the tutorial, you will learn how to share your posts to Facebook groups you are already a member of. Posting to Facebook groups, gives you more market that who you have on your Facebook as friends.

Wait for messages on your Facebook notification, in case you have queries from your group posts.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Your post would look like this. Click the SHARE button below.


This is the next picture after you hit the share button. Now, follow steps 1 and 2.



After step 2 is done. This will be your next guide.


Once done, you mare repeat the process to post to another group you have joined. Remember, to limit your posts not more than 20 posts in one day to avoid being blocked or suspended by Facebook.  Alternatively, you may use a dummy account for posting to other groups, just make sure that you will monitor comments on your dummy account to capture all inquiries for the ads.

Happy Learning and Earning.




Advertising Daily Activity – Day 1

Day 1

1. Post a PPM advertisement on your facebook timeline. You may copy from my timeline posts if you wish to. (Mag post ng isang advertisement sa iyong timeline gamit ang mga advertising photos. sa PPM. Maari kang pumili sa aking mga timeline post.)

Alternatively, you may copy the sample ad below. (Maari mo ring kopyahin ang caption na ito. I copy paste mo lang:)



-Data Entry
-Eload business

-full time housewife
-student looking for job
-full time employee na kailangan ng extra income
-business owner na need ng extra income
-OFW na naghahanap ng extra income
-RETIREES na gusto ng extra income

NO Qouta
NO Limit
NO Time restriction
DAILY Withdrawal of earning thru bank deposit or remittances.

PM me for details


2. You may use the photos below for your first advertisement. (Maari mo din gamitin ang mga sumusunod na pictures.) 

110423517802_10214534083936996_548973371131954855_n22195702_10155115821493251_4495319831496954998_ncp user ads

3. Once done, you may message me that you are finish with your first post. Congratulations. (Pagkatapos ng iyong post, maari mo akong im-message na nagawa mo na.)


This is our first activity for the advertising part. (Ito ang ating unang Gawain sa trabahong advertising. Ang mga susunod na gagawin sa Day 2 ang pwede mong gawin ngayon kung may extra ka pang oras.)